Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Tohukiro Kawai

Tohukiro Kawai is a Japanese surrealist contemporary artist who’s best known for his regal cat paintings.Unique and whimsical, the paintings of royal cats look both majestic and kingly while at the same time putting a smile on the spectator’s face.By drawing inspiration from the Renaissance style of painterly technique, Kawai delivers a unique visual style full of myths, legends, and fantasies.Kawai wants to work on the fragile bond between story and picture to bring the two into reunion.Since gods and faith are less related to our modern society, Kawai “complements the theme with his own imagination,” the artist’s official page reads.Kawai’s paintings are always illustrations without chapters with classical technique portraying stories of modern lives.

More of Tohukiro Kawai‘s whimsical paintings can be found at



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