Sunday Evening Art Gallery (flashback) — Gary Greenburg

Way back on October 14, 2014, I highlighted the microscope photography of Dr. Gary Greenburg. His website, Sandgrains, has fascinating explanations of something we take for granted every day — sand. You must stop by his website and read the explanations yourself.









Check out more at Sunday Evening Art Gallery.


9 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery (flashback) — Gary Greenburg

  1. I’ve seen pictures of it before and I was really surprised by all the beautiful forms and the tiny little shells and the colours. Unfortunately our eyes can’t see all the little things unless we have a microscope but I wonder what else our eyes can’t see, same with our ears, we can’t hear certain tones… makes me think what it is what we are missing.


  2. Viewing these images, and seeing how shiny the grains are, reminds me that they were all forged in fire. And not destroyed. Something to ponder.


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