Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Nolan Preece

A photographer for over forty years, Nolan Preece has devoted his career to understanding and mastering the challenging techniques of early photography by creating chemigrams.Preece been working with these chemically derived images since 1981.A chemigram combines the physics of painting (varnish, wax, oil) and the chemistry of photography (photosensitive emulsion, developer, fixer) without the use of a camera, an enlarger, and in full light.Experimentation with chemistry and photographic paper to produce various visual effects and themes describes the direction of this work.Β 
These photographs are a combination of cameraless photography and the manipulation of photographic materials by using them as painting media.
The printmaking aspect is the resistance he puts on the paper. He usesΒ  chemistry to create the final product.

It is also important to state that this method of working often produces several levels of meanings brought together to create a sense of connection which is intuitive, unconscious and abstract. The images are more accurately felt than observed.

More of Nolan Preece’s amazing work can be found at



14 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Nolan Preece

  1. We all have talents but usually we want other talents than the ones we have, it’s like with hair, they who have straight hair wants curls and the ones with curls want straight hair lol


  2. So glad you enjoyed him! I have looked through his website and his work is so unique. How I wish I had a thimble full of that talent.


  3. I found his work to be sooo unusual and beautiful. I had a hard time describing his technique because I barely understood it myself. Hope I did him justice.


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