Give the Gift of Creativity

It’s getting to be that time of year…. wanting to show those you care about how much you are about them. Have no idea of what to give a good friend or favorite sister-in-law for Christmas?

Just in time for the Holiday Season, I’d like to share just a couple of the many unique products I’ve found on some of the blog sites I follow. Please visit these sites. Read about the artists, check out their amazing work, and see if there is a perfect gift waiting for you or those you love.


The Alchemist’s Studio – Jay Jasper                 

Jay Jasper’s unique studio creates raku pottery vases, home décor, statues, jewelry, and more. I love the colors, shapes, quality, and uniqueness of every piece. His studio offers the book “A Potter’s Dream: Myths & Legends” that pairs his pottery creations with myths and legends from around the world, retold with his own quirky spin. It makes for a great coffee table book, bedtime reading, bathroom book or gift for the art lover.


        Brushpark-Watercolors — Carsten Wieland

I have featured Carsten both on my Humoring the Goddess blog and my Sunday Evening Art Gallery blog.  He has just published a limited edition book “Ireland in Sketches & Watercolors – Limited Edition” based on his first visit to scenic Ireland. Perfect for lovers of the Emerald Isle. A watercolor painter from Essen, Germany, his watercolors are bright and expressive of the world around him.


Roth Poetry

Dwight Roth taught elementary school in Eastern North Carolina before retiring after 29 years. His poetry reflects the passions of his life. He has self-published several books that just might fit your Christmas list. He has written a book of poems called Ebb and Flow, available in hard copy from his website, and a children’s book on Alzheimer’s called Grandpa Has Holes in His Head. Ebb and Flow is only available in hard copy from the author; the Grandpa book is available on Amazon.


Darlene Foster’s Blog

I have followed Darlene Foster for a while now, and her books are a delight, especially for young adults. She has six published books in a series about a spunky young girl, Amanda, who loves to travel. Amanda’s adventures have taken her to Spain, England, Holland, Alberta, the Danube, and New Mexico. Her adventures are perfect for the young adult in your life.


Craig L. Haupt

Craig has been one of my favorite artists for quite some time. I have highlighted his work both on the Goddess and Sunday Evening Art blog. His art is whimsical, bright, and expressive. His book, “The Journey to Ukazo,” contains 37 stories and images, each story having its own unique whimsical flavor set to the image and location visited. It is the perfect gift for the whimsical people in your life.



Katzenworld is a group of artists and writers who have gotten together to write about everything cats. Their team is all about sharing the latest cat news which includes visiting popular pet events, cat cafes and more. On top of their fun website and blog, they offer the latest and greatest in cat product accessories, foods and toys. If you’re a cat lover you’ve gotta check their products out.


Not Quite Old – Nancy Rowan

I have followed Nancy’s blog for almost as long as I’ve been writing my own. Her every day common sense and humor makes her blog come alive. She has written two novels that are perfect for your reading friends, both available on Amazon: Lucinda’s Solution, a love story about the changing role of women post World War I, and Just What I Always Wanted, a story about a middle-aged woman, a failing boutique, a new man, and a tough, defiant, pregnant casualty of the foster care system.

Leaf and Twig — Catherine Arcolio

Leaf and Twig is one of my favorite blogs. Her photography is amazing. Matched with her poetry, her blog is one of the most refreshing highlights of my day. Her unique images are for sale at her gallery,  You must stop by her blog and her art gallery and see for yourself if one of her prints would make the perfect Christmas gift.


Gwenniesgardenworld — Rita Fae

Rita Fae, aka Gwenniesgardenworld, is my favorite photographer, period. I have been a fan of her and her nature photography from day one, and have featured her work in both my Goddess and Sunday Evening Art Gallery blog. Her individual pictures are available on Shutterstock (, and would be the perfect gift to frame and give to your nature-loving family and friends.


Give the gift of art this holiday system. Show those around you that you really are a part of the creative world. Check out an art gallery, a craft fair. Make your best friend and favorite sister-in-law smile this year!

2 thoughts on “Give the Gift of Creativity

  1. Thanks Claudia for including my art and ArtStory information along with other wonderful Artists. Very much appreciated!


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