Memorials About 9-11 — Never Forget

I posted this a couple of years ago — it’s still fresh and beautiful in the hearts of those who remember.

And we will always remember.


To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts — such is the duty of the artist. ~ Robert Schumann


Lady Liberty Memorial – 9/11 Memorial Museum



tony-triggTony Trigg



9-11-memorial-freehold-nj-nick-zelinsky9/11 Memorial, Freehold, NJ



the-madonna-in-hell-by-fevorr-j-nwokorieThe Madonna in Hell, Fevorr J. Nwokorie



hearh-satowHeath Satow



brooklynBrooklyn Wall of Rememberance



kenny-wangKenny Wang



Flight 93 Memorial, Shanksville, PA



hero-image-pentagon-memorial-photo-credit-mike-myersPentagon Memorial, Washington D.C.



the-hero-khai-nguyenThe Hero, Khai Nguyen




papquiltPort Authority Memorial Quilt



Trinity Root,  Steve Tobin



tumbling-woman-eric-fischlTumbling Woman, Eric Fischl



fdny_quiltFire Department New York Memorial Quilt



lower-school-art-students-of-porter-gaud-schoolscLower School Art Students of Porter Gaud School, South Carolina



thDavid Kracov



flight-crew-memorialFlight Crew Memorial, Grapevine, Texas



Postcards, Masayuki Sono



911-dust-to-dnamikey-flowers-kevinclarkeDust to DNA, Bianca Nazzaruolo



spencer-finchSpencer Finch, 9/11 Memorial Museum



to-lift-a-nation-ground-zeroTo Lift A Nation, Ground Zero



teardrop-memorialbayonne-njTeardrop Memorial, Bayonne, NJ



victims-quilt9/11 Victims Memorial Quilt



ground-zero-memorial-design9/11 Memorial Museum



7 thoughts on “Memorials About 9-11 — Never Forget

  1. I still remember it as if it was yesterday !!! It has changed the world forever that’s for sure !


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