Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Fabian Oefner

Swiss photographer Fabian Oefner, 28, from Zurich spent four weeks researching gigantic gaseous formations that can be spotted beyond our own galaxy, the Milky Way.

These spectacular pictures may look like NASA footage of far off galaxies. 

But in fact the star-studded images have been created with some fiber optic lights in someone’s home.

Two hundred bright blue, red and orange fibre optic lamps were hooked up to just three AAA  batteries to produce the incredible sight of one of the universe’s most spectacular and creative phenomena – the nebulae.

Oefner created the images  images by taking long-time exposures of several fiber glass lamps (exactly, those ugly-looking lamps, that were extremely popular in the 90`s) moving around in a darkened room.

Afterwards, several images were multiplied in Photoshop to achieve the density of such a structure. 

While this gallery tends to shy away from Photoshop as an art medium, I believe the initial set up and photography was amazing, so it warranted a space in the gallery.

More of Fabian Oefner‘s work can be found at

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