Second Annual #AppreciateYourCreativeFriendsWeek!! ~Rita Faes~

Welcome to my second annual #AppreciateYourCreativeFriendsWeek!

This is a totally made up holiday that was so successful last year I decided to repeat it. I follow a number of poets, artists, sculptors, and everyday wisemen and women, and am always in love with their blogs.

Last year I honored: watercolor artist Carsten Wieland at Brushpark-Watercolors; David Kaniganfascinated by the world at Live and Learn; a witty and bright Englishman Dave Whatt at his blog DaveWhatt;  Maxima, a flowering love poet at Hills of her Chastity;  Brenda Davis Harsham, my magical poet at Friendly Fairy Tales; my friend and deeply emotional poet Ivor at Ivor.Plumber/Poet; Catherine Arcolio and her fantastic haikus and pictures at Leaf and Twig;  Mark Andre and Katzenworld is a wonderful world of cats and their stories you cannot resist. And finally Darlene Foster at Darlene Foster’s Blog, a writer and a traveler whose writing is so real you feel like you are standing next to her.

Now it is time to honor my second set of bloggers.

I have no award to post upon their website; all I have is a love of their writing and a respect for their path in life. There are so many wonderful writers out there — all speaking from the heart. I hope that you follow the links and find new worlds too. Be sure to follow the links and check them out.

The first choice of my week-long celebration Rita Faes, in her world called Gwenniesgardenworld. Rita  is a wonderful photographer. Her gardens are her favorite topics, but she has such finesse with a camera she could photograph anywhere. Her photos make me want to walk through her garden or countryside.

I highlighted her work both here and on my Sunday Evening Art Gallery website. Some of her photography:

Take a walk over to her website and take a look at the magic she collects with her camera. You will want to walk through her garden, too.

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