Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Kevin Sloan

Kevin Sloan is a Denver based painter working primarily with acrylic on canvas and occasionally drawings and paintings on paper.  

His curiosity and love of travel has led him to live and work in a wide variety of cities across the United States.

Sloan’s work is characterized by a deep reverence for the natural world.

 The often symbolic paintings are an ongoing inquiry into the relationship between the marvel of the natural world and the mundane and often blunt reality of the modern era.

More poetic than merely descriptive, the work moves between direct starkness and lush theatricality.

Recurring paired themes are fragility and strength, wonder and sorrow, and loss and resiliency. 

More of Kevin Sloan’s remarkable artwork can be found at

3 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Kevin Sloan

  1. These lovely paintings are both original and colourful, …. fabulous Claudia…. And dear Claudia I’ve nominated you for a Song/Lyric Quiz, a link should be coming through shortly. xxx


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