Sunday Evening Art Gallery (on Tuesday) — Tatsuo Horiuchi

Meet Tatsuo Horiuchi, a 73-year-old Japanese artist who creates highly detailed paintings with the most unexpected software – MS Excel.
















The newly discovered artist has been interested in graphic arts for a long time, but only since his retirement 13 years ago he finally got the time he needed for the new hobby.

The idea of trying out something new in life came naturally to Horiuchi – his retirement was approaching quickly and uncompromisingly.

As in many cases, a new hobby becomes a must. Horiuchi had been interested in graphic arts for quite some time.

However, as graphics software often can be quite expensive, Horiuchi chose to challenge his artistic capabilities by creating his beautiful and highly intricate pictures with Excel.

Tatsuo Horiuchi, does not have his on website, but his work can be found across the Internet.


18 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery (on Tuesday) — Tatsuo Horiuchi

  1. Oh wow! That’s great!

    I’ve always been interested in art. But my interest has always remained purely academic. I haven’t yet considered writing about art and artists. Who knows maybe in the future I might. For now I have restricted myself to my passion – Wildlife.

    But I really do enjoy reading blogs like yours because not only do they introduce us to new artists every time, they also give us insights that may not come to us naturally.

    Now, my first plan of action is to check out all the artists you’ve mentioned right now. Can’t wait! 😀


  2. You make me feel so good. It started because I knew of unusual artists like M.C. Escher and Ray Villafane. I watched a movie on Jackson Pollock, and came across works by Jack Storms and Rita Fish at art fairs. I know John Lemke and follow Dawn Whitehead and Rita Fae on WordPress. I guess it just started as fascination with unusual art and turned into a huge wave of interest. I find unusual artists at the website Collosal, plus if I see an artist on a fellow website that I like, I check them out too. I’m a bling girl by nature, so the thought of Cartier and Lalique and earrings and bubbles and architecture in blue just came naturally to me. Sometimes there’s a huge repertoire of work; other times they’ve only done a half dozen art pieces. Are you thinking of doing something similar?

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  3. Unbelievable! Thank you for introducing this artist to us.

    May I know where you get your recommendations from? Is there any art book that you refer which would be a good addition to the library?


  4. I love all your questions, the computer has been declared dead by two experts,. My brother is a computer engineer, and he’s going to construct a new computer for me using some of the parts of my old one, and replacing the mother board !!! 😉 Of course I’ve no idea what he’s talking about. But that’s going to take a while getting parts and that. When he gets back from holidays next Thursday he’s going to set me up with a smaller type box that will get me by.?? All my writings are stored in “one-cloud” and WP, is also just an outside app/cloud that you can reinstall and just log back in again. I might lose my music library, but Lawrie reckons he might be able to recover it ?? All my YouTube stuff is also a app/cloud that you just reinstall and log back in. 😉. So hopefully I should be right in another 8 days 🙄.. Any more questions 😉💛


  5. Don’t you love this? I first thought oh, a computer, how easy, but when you see each individual square filled just so…I am impressed.


  6. What happened to your computer? Can you get it fixed? Buy a new one? Do you save all your poetry on your computer? Do you have a backup? Did you know I could ask so many questions?


  7. Hi Claudia, and here I was thinking that I’d missed your Sunday post, I’ve still no computer. Mr Horiuchi works are well worth the find. I love the colours of his artwork, I suppose they’re very Japanese like in their brightness. 😊. and graphic display.. I’m certainly glad I found your post… via twitter… 😆 😆 xx


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