Bumpin’ Around

Well, I’m sitting at my desk at lunch time, eating a turkey wrap, pretending it’s evening time and I’m writing to you from the comfort of my sofa.

I went away for four days with my grandkids and had a busy, wonderful, loving time. I was pretty together…being 65 around an 8- and 3-year old doesn’t take much alteration.

Packing up from a house that looked like someone set a bomb off, I packed up my computer but left the plug in cord plugged in up there. Unbeknownst to me, we drove 4 hours home sans cord, and I didn’t realize said mistake until I sat down to do my Sunday Evening Art Gallery blog.

I can’t stand when I get hit with the stupids.

And it’s happening more and more.

I mean well. I really do. I try and slow down and pay attention. I don’t think I’m a Ferrari or a cheetah. I move mid- to mid-slow and make notes.

And I still forget.

I couldn’t find my glasses yesterday morning, so I had to wear an old pair to work. Called home and hubby said they’re right here on the kitchen counter.

I always hang up  my keys when I walk in the door. Today on my way to work they weren’t there. Five minutes later I fortunately find them on that same kitchen counter under a loaf of bread.

It’s getting to be normal. And I don’t like it.

I know it’s a part of getting older, but that’s a battle I refuse to lose. I’m never getting old. I’m not leaving this earth  until I’m damn well ready.

But since I turned 60 I’ve been falling apart limb by limb, organ by organ. Brain cell by brain cell.

So as I wave goodbye to both my lunch time and you, know I’m thinking of you all the time, and can’t wait until I can snuggle in with my computer and a glass of wine and show you more gallery images or just sit and talk.

And to think…I just had a great idea for a short story….

24 thoughts on “Bumpin’ Around

  1. Hi Claudia, welcome back, sounds like your little holiday was fun, although you’ve come back 4 days olderer. 😊 I’m trying to to embrace the “forget me not’s” events with wry humour and positive attitude. Now I’m 67, I think every new day is a good day, I’m still writing every day, I can still do plumbing and I’m sure that’s a bonus at my age, my computer has crashed, and I’m still clever enough to use my phone, smart box TV and the local library, to get by. Even though I’m definitely quite forgetful, I just smile ☺ to myself in the knowledge that we’re all the same at our age, and it’s about accepting the facts of life, and then still enjoying what we can still manage to do, maybe, “This is as good as it gets”


    1. You make me feel so good. We persevere more than youngsters, because we know what we like, what we enjoy, and find a way to do it. I hate forgetting things, though. It makes me look stupid to other people. Not that that should matter, but it does. I’m not ready to slow down.But I have to. And when I don’t I get into these mental flubs.


  2. Glad to hear you had a great time with your family !! All the rest of the above is wellknown to me 😀


    1. I hate to say it, but I’m so glad I’m not alone on this one. I hate being stupid…I suppose I could use a kinder, gentler word like forgetful..but when it happens over and over, the first word seems to fit the best. Good thing I’ve got such a big heart that people forgive me…


          1. People understand that, if a HD is full it is full and you need another one but we are not computers, it would be nice if we could just plug in a new HD ourselves 😀


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