Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Pink



12 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Pink

  1. Pretty in pink ! But I need brighter colours, my skin is too white, but pink goes very well with darker skinned people, I often envy them !


      1. Colour for clothes all depends on your skin tone and your haircolour, it can do a lot for your looks (amongst other things) Colour is important to me cos I used to be a beautician and I went to art school. I think I am a bit focussed on that.


        1. Too bad you live so far away — I’d have you do my wardrobe colors! I try and get away from darks, because I do think too much black when you’re older makes you look…older. There are a few colors I’m not comfortable wearing like yellow or orange, but with today’s patterns I can match just about any color with any accessory. Like I do that alot. Heh…


          1. Yes ! you do live far away ! I think we could have had a lot of fun together 😀 The way you look (older or younger )depends a lot on hair and make up, a bit of make-up can work miracles and so is your hair, if hair and make-up (subtle) are not good then you can wear whatever you want, the prettiest dress alone can’t do it. I have always loved to watch other people and then I try to do a make-over in my mind, weird I know but fun :D. I think the best way to see what clothes do for you is photographs ” front and back”, then you can see yourself how others see you.


              1. There is nothing wrong with looking older you know but you can do a lot about it with the right make-up, hairdo, clothes, I am not talking of botox and facelifts here ! And just show them you can look gracefull and beautifull at any age !! You can do it girl !!! Go for it !


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