Showing Off the Gallery

Good Evening!

Just opened another gallery over at Sunday Evening Art Gallery, and running through all the different galleries, I decided to show off a few of the images you didn’t see here. It is my hope that you wander over to and take a look at the wonderfully creative artists I’ve come across.. These people blow my mind. I hope that if you’re not following me over there, you’ll think about it. I have a ton of artists waiting for Sundays here, then exploding in their glory over at the SEAG. Come and stay a while!



Craig Haupt


Library Interiors


Faberge Eggs


Kevin Zuckerman

Rita Faes


Spencer Biles

Tal Peleg


Unmasked Group


Willard Wigan


Natalya Sots


Le Chat Noir


Svetlana Bobrova






Mihai Criste




Jennifer Maestre



Maud Vantours




Wine Glasses

Water Drops

21 thoughts on “Showing Off the Gallery

  1. Thank you. The Gallery glows all by itself, holding so many diverse and fantastic artists. Hope you go over and wander around!


  2. Rodin just hopped to the top of my search list! I do so appreciate your ideas…that’s what blogs are all about..your ideas, and influences from those around you.

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  3. If you know of any artists whose work you love, both personally or etherically (like Monet..heh) please let me know. I’m always open for suggestions. Or even if you have any TYPE of art I’ve been slow to cover, let me know that too. That’s what friends are for!


  4. It’s not something I talk about all the time. This was my major blogsite until I kept coming! across amazing art. So I thought I’d introduce the artist on this blog and go full blown on the Gallery. I appreciate your going over there…it is amazing…if I do say so myself

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  5. You are awesome! I hate tooting my own/another horn, but the art I find is just incredible. I have no idea how they do what they do. And the Gallery is where I put as many images of their magic as I can. So thank you.

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  6. It’s taken me this long to realize you had another site that featured these art galleries. I’m a little slow on the uptake! But I always enjoy them, so I just gave it a follow.


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