I’m Thankful For YOU

I have a story or two to tell you, but it will have to wait until Sunday or Monday. Gotta have turkey with the grandbabies — twice — and  I can’t miss the love.

So for now, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving — give thanks for who you know, how you got where you are, and the lessons you learned along the way. Be thankful that you are able to dream and imagine and create. Give thanks for those who have passed — be thankful that they came into your life and gave you so much of themselves.  Give thanks for sunrises and sunsets and Tchaikovsky and Monet and Harry Potter.

Eat some turkey, have extra gravy (it’s only one day!), and know that I’m thankful for all of you. For your writing, for your art, for your stopping by and saying hi.  Somehow I feel we’re all friends in here.

And that’s something to be thankful for.

13 thoughts on “I’m Thankful For YOU

  1. Oh I did — and found my way back to my creative side. Think I lost it along the way — or at least took a break. Isn’t that how we creative people are? Just when I think I’ve lost it it all comes back in full bloom.


  2. A former customer of mine would always end her emails with BPL. I finally ask what it meant. She said Blessings, Peace, Love. And so, BPL to to the goddess and and her fans.


  3. Like you, somehow I feel we’re all friends in here. God bless you! I hope you had a memorable, happy, Love-filled and filling Thanksgiving. 👍🏽❤️🦃


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