Hot Moms at the Playground

The first thing I have to say is the truth. I am Jealous. Envious. Covetous. Wanton. Wistful.

Okay. Now that that’s over…I took my grand kids to the park Saturday morning to encourage their Adrenalin dispersion. So here is granny, an average-looking 64-year-old, scrubbed, puffed, a touch of makeup, a decent pair of Capri’s and fun t-shirt, feeling good, feelin’ hip, keepin’ up with swings and slides and Jungle Jims. There were two baseball games going on in the background, middle-school types, lots of cheering and hoho’s. Then I looked around at the other mothers.

These women were knockouts. I figured these moms were leftovers from the games, watching their toddlers on the swings and slides and Jungle Jims. Now, I live in a small town. A college town. I’m not saying we don’t have attractive people here, but to have the playground filled with them is an eye-opening experience.

They hung out in pairs and trios, the same short-shorts, long hair, small waistlines, all tossing their hair as they bowed their heads down to read their cellphones, watching their precocious kids talk about their magic beads or ninja moves or playing zombie tag.  One of the moms was pregnant, and even her awkward bundle looked great in her top and Capri’s.

Now you must wonder why I chose the word ‘jealous’ to describe my feelings at the time. I mean, there was a time when ~I~ was a young mom taking my kids to the park with ~my~ girlfriends. My friends and I laughed and talked about the kids, our husbands, going out on Saturday night. We’d party at each other’s houses, spend a weekend shopping and stay the night in a hotel, drinking and eating and confessing our secrets to each other. Our kids played together, our husbands told stories together. It was a wonderful circle.

But that seems so long ago.

I think I’m jealous because I remember looking like that. Thinner, thicker hair, clearer complexion. I’m also jealous because these girls have theirwhole life ahead of them. They still can be executives and fashion designers and doctors. Their kids are still little, with soccer and baseball games and field trips and prom still to come. Their children still worship them, still love sharing snuggles and hugs and cuddles.

I know the best medicine for this unreasonable bout of jealousy is to share the snuggles and hugs and cuddles of my own kids and grand kids. To go watch their baseball and soccer games and take them camping and shopping and stay up late. I can touch the memories of days gone by by making new memories today.

I’ll always wonder, though, how I made it through all those younger days without a cell phone.


11 thoughts on “Hot Moms at the Playground

  1. I like this. I always wonder what it’s like being older, and I never really thought that the “older” generation envies us: the younger generation, and reminisces back to the time they were us. Amazing insight this post has given me. Time really does go by fast, doesn’t it? They say life is short. But I think life is long. It ~feels~ like I have many many years ahead of me…but I know it’ll go by so fast. Some day I’ll be sitting at the park, just like you were, looking at the girl I once used to be.


  2. My kids were spaced far enough apart that I didn’t need to choose one sport over the other. I’ve huddled in the rain and cold at many n activity — but I never looked as good as those moms did.

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  3. I can remember driving 30 miles each way on a Saturday night to go to the dances at the Naval Base (they were innocent then)…with no cell phone. My mom must have had a heart attack!

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  4. Ha! If you’ve got grand kids or nephew and niece kids, go for it! But you are right — I can’t see you being jealous of the good looking moms!


  5. As an introvert I was never a huddler at my kids’ events. Mostly kept to myself and didn’t notice what the other parents looked like. Guess there are some positives to introversion after all. 😄


  6. Not being female, I don’t think I should be seen at the playground becoming envious(??), but the modern day cellphone has helped me discover you, and that’s a good thing…..


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