How Do You Satisfy Your Creative Cravings?

I am of the belief that writing is as much fun as painting or photography or sculpture or any other Creative Art. Yes, it’s frustrating, time-consuming, methodical, stressful, and more.

It’s also inspirational, spiritual, cosmic, and thrilling.

My problem lately is that I’ve gotten in the driver’s seat of my fourth novel, and although I’ve worked out the story line and am loving writing about my space traveler, I miss writing a short story now and then. I have been perusing various contests and publication opportunities, and I find areas I’d love to try. This one wants a creature story. This one wants supernatural fiction. This one wants pirates and ghosts.

What fun! What adventure!  But what do I write about?

I think I hang out in novel land because the writing is long and real and I can keep the same idea throughout the pages. Short stories require separate thought, separate ideas. Unique ideas. And eventually my love of writing starts slipping on the confusing bed of ideas and plots and endings.

Do you hide in one genre over another? Do you have a desire to paint something totally different yet stay within your safe and more experienced area? Or draw something totally out of your comfort zone?

I have a folder of stories, some finished, some barely started. Few would fit into the guidelines I so fawningly follow. Most of my good pieces are written more on a whim of the moment — an impression on the drive home, an interlude between two or more people at the bus stop. My short stories are based on a bolt of lightning that directly hits me. It’s a lot harder if I’m out searching for that bolt.

I often encourage my blog readers to break through your self-imposed sanctions and to go for it. Reach for the sky — or dig deep into the cavern.

I still believe in that.

But I sometimes think it’s getting harder and harder to dig into that fertile creative ground and come up with something new. Something that will fit within someone else’s parameters.

How do you juggle all your cravings? Do you stick with what works or do you find time to experiment and go off in left field now and then? I’d love to know that there are other seasoned and non-seasoned writers who are as confused and excited as me.

Let’s see now…as the website says…think adventures and hauntings at sea, shipwrecks and buried treasure, treacherous waters, sea spirits, ghostly galleons, giant squid, kraken and sailors gone mad.

I can do that…can’t I?

7 thoughts on “How Do You Satisfy Your Creative Cravings?

  1. You are so right. My blog is also for pleasure and soothing self therapy. My personal writings are escapism. Dreaming of what if. And my stories do give me pleasure. I hope yours do too, no matter what venue you explore. Keep writing!

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  2. I stay safe most times too. I know you have a short story in you — don’t be afraid to start it! I’ve got a folder of started stories — maybe I won’t finish them, but for every one I start and don’t finish there are a couple that I do. Your life and mind are FULL of stories!

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  3. You sound so much like me! I don’t think I’ll ever get published — I don’t put enough effort behind it. But I’ve been writing these novels for 10-15 years…so it’s not an overnight thing either. I know we’re both busy, but get your laptop out and write on the livingroom sofa. Get it going!


  4. Of course you can!
    I’m not an experienced writer and I have never finished a book. Ideas yes, but following through, no.
    The blogs I write at my Dutch website, are inspired by every day experiences. When the muse sits on my shoulder, I HAVE to write. But most of the time, I’m absorbed by my fulltime job, chores and attention for my partner and two sons, who still live at home.
    Like you, I have a folder with unfinished stories.
    But I would love to get my book going. So far I have a couple of chapters, that’s it. During vacations, inspiration comes easy, but then we’re on the road.


  5. I only write for the pleasure and the soothing self therapy I obtain from sharing my journey. I think I understand your conundrum, and all I can say, is that our clever little minds often overthink and confuse ourselves. The true heart of the matter is, to follow your heart, which I think is attached to your gut feeling, and hopefully proceed forward from there. Haha, best of luck in your future endeavours ….


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