Text Me Any Time

I love texting. Text me any time.

That’s a joke.

I love the idea of being able to instantly sending your thoughts, instructions, and requests immediately to someone else.  But instant thoughts often demand instant responses. And sometimes it’s text before you think.


Son (1:21 pm):  You have any plans for tonight?

Mom: (1:22 p.m.) Oh sure. Washing some dishes, throwing the ball for the dog, catching up on Deadliest Catch.  Nope. Why?

Mom always knows that when son #1 calls it  has something to to with the grand kids. His dad gets the friendship calls on the way home from work, fishing story calls, all that. But mom…

Mom (2:35 p.m.) An hour later…

He texted me over an HOUR ago! Does he want me to come over for dinner? Take the grandkids for the weekend? Take me out to dinner?  WHAT???

Son (3:00 p.m.) Sorry, I get busy. Can you watch the kids at the park while we clean my office?


Mom (3:02 p.m.). Sure! Let’s make plans!


I never have a problem with last minute plans for watching my grandkids. They are fun, smart, goofy, and mine. I’d change most any plans to catch an hour or two with them.

I was never this generous with my own kids. Although they have fond memories of their grandparents on my husband’s side, my inlaws had to use a crowbar to pry the first out of my insecure mommy hands. By the time the second one came around 5 years later, my grip was less maddening. I let them take both kids with wild abandon.

Now I feel what my inlaws must have felt:

Give me those babies! What does it matter if we play at the park for 3 hours and jump in every puddle or go to the ice cream store and order an extra large fudge sundae or I take them to Kiddyland? I can take them to the zoo and the farm and the fire station and ride on the train and and and…

Now I am even goofier than my inlaws were. I jump at the chance to have them out to our house (we call it the farm but it’s really just a lot of land) or the cabin (my late father-in-law’s small house up North) or to the park (any park will do).

I know the joy of spending time with someone who thinks the world of you. Whose idea of fun is anything done with Granny. The innocence of youth and the lack of prejudice is enough to swell any adult’s heart.

I only hope I can instill some life values and love values that will grow inside of them as they grow. To value life, friendship, family, and oatmeal raisin cookies.

But my son is going to have to text a little faster. Otherwise one day I will assume that’s what he wants and will show up at his house before he gets home.




9 thoughts on “Text Me Any Time

  1. I am sure you have nice stories too. I’m a bit older and find the world is what you make it, and sometimes you dont’ always get what others get but you get a whole lot too — just in different ways. Thank you for your positive comments.


  2. Such a nice story. I have no children, so no grand children, but that’s a long story, and the path I was given. Anyhow, thankyou, your words made me smile lots, and happy that you shared such sweet and cute thoughts.


  3. Time sure does fly. Listening to your experience with your kids which is now your experience with your grandkids really amuses me and I can’t wait for my time. My mom is always talking about the day I was born at the hospital, how she remembers it like it was yesterday. I’ve yet to relate to this, as I don’t have kids, but I already acknowledge time goes by fast so it’s just a matter of time until I can indeed, relate. Thank you for your kind words ❤️


  4. You are a marvelous observer of love and life. I swear it was just a few years ago I was playing and running to the park with my own kids. Soccer, baseball, track and field, high school, and suddenly my baby has babies. And the sadness I feel in time having run past me is replaced by the adoration I have for my grand kids. They are a second chance to love openly and completely. You will have your chance one day, and then a second one before you know it!

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  5. Awh. So sweet. I bet it’s such a surreal feeling to be taking care of your kid’s kids. Better yet, I bet it’s the same feeling watching your own. I imagine having my own kids every day. But rarely do I imagine watching my grandkids. Wow, life goes by so fast doesn’t it? Appreciating our family should never go unnoticed. We should always be there for them and that’s exactly what you’re doing. How lovely! Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂


  6. Time spent with our grandparents are some of our most enduring memories. I can still see myself as a five-year-old at my grandma’s house, eating the fresh peaches she brought home. So special, and I know your grandkids will think so too.


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