Sunday Evening Art Gallery Blog — Lorraine Corrigan

These gorgeous papier-mâché dogs are made by UK-based artist Lorraine Corrigan in Hounds of Bath.

Lorraine adores sight hounds with their sleek lines, grace and elegance.

She loves to introduce the surprising concept of rolled paper art to those who have never seen or heard of quilling.

Lorraine began sculpting dogs with paper around four years ago and has now developed a sophisticated technique using wires and layers of fine papers from recycled books.

Each piece is individually made to order and develops a unique personality as the finishing touches of the expressive eyes and fine ears are added.

At the end process, due to the use of the text, the piece is almost stone-like in texture.

Each piece is then finished with two layers of sealant wash to preserve it for many years to come.

More of Lorraine Corrigan‘s amazing art can be found at All Things Paper and

5 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery Blog — Lorraine Corrigan

  1. I love dogs, but when I saw the preview in my reader feed, I thought they were coyotes because they are so skinny! We have a lot of coyotes around our neighborhood right now. Now that I see they are domestic dogs, I like them more. LOL


  2. Ohhhh…so wonderful! When I came across these lovlies I wanted one for myself! A lot of them are table size..palm size. My dogs are pain in the butt chocolate labs…but I love them anyway. You too?


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