I’m Done Listening

I had a blog in mind this evening, but on my way home I changed my mind. On afternoon break I read a quick online story that really hit me. This is the beginning of it:

BANGKOK (Reuters) – A Thai man filmed himself killing his 11-month-old daughter in two video clips posted on Facebook before committing suicide, police said on Tuesday. People could access the videos of the child’s murder on her father’s Facebook page for roughly 24 hours, until they were taken down around 5 p.m. in Bangkok (1000 GMT) on Tuesday, or about a day after being uploaded.

It happened far away. In a world I know nothing about. To a man I know nothing about. To a little girl I know nothing about.

Of course, that’s just on the heels of a story from 3-17: MEDINA Ohio — The man who took his own life after he killed his pregnant girlfriend did not want to have a baby, her father said. Or from February: LaGRANGE  A man accused of abusing and killing the infant of his then-girlfriend pleaded guilty in a Troup County Superior Court last week.

There is nothing that can be said that can shed any light on any of these heinous crimes. There’s nothing I can do to turn the clock back. Nothing I can say to the families, to the situation.

There is nothing I can say to save the children.

I’m going to cut back on my internet wandering. Yahoo, CNET, all those hot spots that broadcast these crimes like they’re a Sunday social. I know everyone hurts, everyone wonders why. Everyone cries and makes promises and moves on with their lives.

But I’m an adult and can make my own choices. I’m older so that’s an even better excuse to tune all of it out. TV is make believe; I can handle that. But the news…

I’m done. My heart can’t take this. I know there are lots out there that say I should do something about it. The sad truth is there is nothing I can do about any of it. I can’t help those in Thailand or in North Carolina or even on the other side of town.

What I can do is interfere and interact with my own circle of friends and family. Encourage those who need to talk to talk. Those who need a break give them a break. Love the children I come in contact and stretch out to love the ones I don’t.

Life’s too short to let the media have their way. To let the world have its way. To let the madness get into my head. You are all my friends in one way or another. I’m here for you — for your highs and lows and losses and misses. But I have to let go of the rest of the world. I’m not willing to let the madness set me into depression and worse. My family still needs me.

I think I’ll call my grandkids now.


13 thoughts on “I’m Done Listening

  1. I do know what you mean, friend. And I’m tired of feeling like I’m running away from the world. I’m not. I’m saving myself for those I ~can~ help.


  2. I hear you, Claudia. Sometimes I think we were better off before we had all this instant access to every ugly incident that happens everywhere in the world. It’s not that I want to live with my head buried in the sand. But when these tragic stories, about which I can do nothing, start to drag me down then I’m no use to anyone, anywhere. Staying positive is important to myself and my family. And I know that you know what I mean.


  3. Yes yes! And people are manipulatimg social media for their own sick gains. Killing your baby on Facebook? Killing your ex girlfriend and the baby because you dont want to be a father? Who does this?? Im done listening.


  4. I can’t agree more. I KNOW life is hard and brutal…but the positive things in the world DO outweigh the negative. Id rather save my tears for reunions and friendships and people helping each other. You cant fix madness.

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  5. Can’t click “like” because I don’t like any of this insanity any more than you do. There’s no humor- no entertainment – no sense in this crazy nonsense – and being an ostrich doesn’t work either. But, like you, I don’t have to fill my head with the gruesome stories.
    Why can’t we just love one another? The world’s gone crazy!


  6. I saw this as a RT by Carrie in my twitter feed. I totally agree. As much as I want/need to stay informed it gets harder to do that and not get down on humanity. I just wish news agencies would put as much energy into finding and reporting uplifting feel good stories as they do horrifying attention-getting stories.


  7. Agreed. I still like to read my newspaper–things aren’t so sensationalized there–and I’ll read credible sources online. But I’m really trying to back away from the horrors.

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  8. You don’t know how great it is to hear this. My empathy also gets me all whacked out, and then when I’m with friends or my grand kids I’m sad and apprehensive. The media has just gotten out of hand. I’m safer in the background.


  9. Oh yes, I’m with you on this. Lately I’ve given up reading a lot of articles with headlines I know will lead to a heartbreaking story. I can’t carry the weight of it any more. My empathy gets the best of me and I can’t get the story out of my head. So while I’ll still stay up on current events, I’m going to do my best to avoid stories like those you mentioned. My mental health demands it.


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