Sunday Evening Art Gallery Blog — Bořek Šípek

Bořek Šípek (June 14, 1949 – February 13, 2016) was a Czech architect and designer.

After studying furniture design at the Art School in Prague, architecture at the Art School in Hamburg, and philosophy in Stuttgart,  Šípek finished his doctorate in architecture.

He taught industrial design and architecture, then started his own studio for design and architecture in Amsterdam and Prague.


Bořek Šípek has always felt like an architect more than a designer.


Šípek explains, “I try to interpret new contexts in a new way. It is much closer to me to newly explain something that has roots than to experiment.”


His fantastic works can be found in important museums in Europe, Japan and America, among others.


Bořek Šípek is a master of glass, chandeliers, lamps, carafes, wall hangings, all manners of creative art.


 But for this round, I treat you with his tables.

More of Bořek Šípek‘s beautiful work can be found at and


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