Day 1153: More Votes

A positive attitude might not cure the ills of the world, but it will do a lot to soften yours. A bright and positive blog from my friend Ann.

Happy Saturday!

The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

During this U.S. Presidential primary season, I have voted for a two-day getaway to New Hampshire with my long-time friend Barbara, to end my winter vacation.

Would my readers vote to know how else I might vote?

Yesterday, I told Barbara I would also vote for:

  1. Acceptance instead of shame.
  2. Peace of mind instead of worry.
  3. Sleep over insomnia.
  4. Fruits and vegetables over sugary snacks.
  5. Positivity over negativity.
  6. Traveling light over being weighed down by things I don’t need.
  7. Self-care instead of self-neglect.
  8. Forgiveness over resentment.
  9. Moving on from mistakes rather than obsessing over them.
  10. Openness to change rather than rigidity.
  11. Seeking the good in others instead of expecting the bad.
  12. Enjoying the gifts around me instead of focusing on what’s missing.
  13. Gratitude over ingratitude.
  14. The present moment over everything else.

I also cast a few photographic votes with my iPhone yesterday (most of which are from Barbara’s beautiful coloring…

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