Shameless Self Promotion

Dear Friends, animated-gif-jewels_precious-36

I don’t do this often — you know — really sparkle my own diamond. I love to write my blogs, I love the discoveries I’m making in my art gallery.

I know the people who follow me do so because they get a kick out of what I’m saying and/or showing. And I hope to entertain myself — oh! and you — for quite a while into the nebulous future.

So here comes the sales pitch.

If you could share my Humoring the Goddess blog ( or my Sunday Evening Art Gallery blog ( with just ONE friend, it might just open a new world for them — and me. They might bring a smile or smirk to someone else’s face, or eyes of wonder as they look at the incredible art I find around the world.

My Facebook page ( could also use a few followers — the sole purpose of this account is to share unique art to those who can’t always go through the galleries.

Either way, I’m done selling for today. Hoping you continue to grow, to dream, and to have fun. We only go one way in this life — let’s make it real.

Where’s the nachos?



5 thoughts on “Shameless Self Promotion

  1. Just liked your FB page! Thanks for letting us know you had one. (Of course, I’m not on FB much. Drives me crazy over there…) I’ve shared your Sunday Art on Twitter before and I will again I’m sure. You always have great stuff there. And here too!


  2. Thank you for the encouragement! “Tooting” your wares is indeed an uncomfortable action for most of us. But we’ve got to believe we have something worth tooting about.

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  3. Hi Claudia-

    I am not on Facebook and don’t intend to be on it. You are right to toot your own horn. I know that it’s an uncomfortable position to be in. I am in the process of doing it for my latest book.
    I am going to send your blog to a friend of mine who is an artist.She’s French but art has no language! 🙂 This is her website.
    Good luck in getting more followers. 🙂


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