Announcement Fun for Friday!


Happy Friday!


Just popping in to share some fun, amazing stuff this Finally Friday!

First — there is a new Gallery open at Sunday Evening Art Gallery! Amazing images, Amazing inspiration…

Star Stuff


Goddess Blog:


Of course, once you get to the front page, check out the OTHER galleries! Awesome, unique Art.


And, once you are done flying through the Universe, there are other ways to celebrate, as today is …

Hug a Vegetarian Day

International Ataxia Awareness Day

Love Note Day

Math Storytelling Day

National Comic Book Day

National Crab Meat Newburg Day

National Food Service Employees Day

National One-Hit Wonder Day

National Psychotherapy Day

Native American Day

Save the Koala Day

World Dream Day

World Pharmacist Day

National Research Administrator Day

National Tune-Up Day

National Lobster Day

So tip your food service employee extra today, while you eat lobster and read a comic book…

3 thoughts on “Announcement Fun for Friday!

  1. Yes, it is easy these days, especially when you try to grow as much of it as possible because then it is even yummier… also there are heaps more choices in restaurants these days too 🙂


  2. Big Hugs! I think it’s no easy task to be a veggie. I have cut way, way down on my meat intake through the years. With all the great pastas and veggies and fruit around, it’s easier than I thought!


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