Wanderlusters Sign Up Here

CAM00498Do you ever feel you have a somewhat confusing relationship with your life? As I get older I find my emotional state doesn’t last long enough to hang a hat on, so I often can’t tell what I’m feeling.

I have to admit that I am having a ball with the Sunday Evening Art Gallery part of the blog. Every time I turn around I find one sort or another of Art and Creativity that makes me go, “Woah! What is this?”

I’m also blown away by good writing: insightful blogs, humorous blogs, books, poetry. I often want to cut and paste all the great stuff I’ve come across for future reference. But if I kept everything I found, I’d have to link three or four computers together for research.

There are so many branches of the Creative Tree of Life I’d like to climb. Don’t you feel that way sometimes? Maybe its rooted in in my monochrome job. Computer play I like. Computer data entry, I do not. But it pays the bills and the co-workers are fun and it makes my day. So I do the best I can.

Needless to say, most of my spare minutes (break time, lunch time, bathroom time) is devoted to playing in my mind. I look at the bracelet I’m wearing at work that day, something I bought at one of those over-priced jewelry parties, and say, “Man...I can make this!” I read about friends’ blogs on photography, cats, cooking, and I think, “Wow!  I can do this!” I read a great novel, something fast and fun and romantic, and I think, “Man…I can write this!”

And of course there’s always been the traveling thing. I’ve got friends who write traveling RVs blogs and others who pursue quaint castles and villas.  I want to visit all the out-of-the-way places. I want to visit the museums in Italy and the moors of Scotland and the ranches in Texas. I’d love to go to a Broadway play and go to the Cherry  Blossom Festival in Japan and drink hot chocolate at a Swiss chalet.

There’s always so much I want to do. So many worlds to explore, so many things to try. But because of time and money and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, there’s so many things I’ll not be able to do.

I have managed to keep my fingers in the pies of creativity through the years. I’ve painted iron gates and stone walls and pots overflowing with ivy on the wall;  I’ve painted faux bricks around my dining room, and I’ve planted some awesome herb gardens. But my taste in activities has changed as I’ve gotten older. Maybe I’ve just worn out the old ideas — or maybe I’ve just run out of walls.

It could just be Spring Fever knocking at my door. Warm evenings and pink skies can do that to one. But sometimes I feel like a kid standing outside of Disneyworld. I want to ride everything at once. And I feel I’m running out of time.

Do you get struck with wanderlust like this? I know you have to pick and choose — everything from life to love to TV shows. We can turn this way, that way. But in the end we have to choose one over another. And when the choices are all so sweet, so enchanting, so revealing, it’s hard.

Let me know if you’ve had to choose, or if you’re still choosing your creative path. Are you are managing to do more than less, or if you are a one-thrill-at-a-time creator. Have you been tempted? Do you do a little of lots or lots of just a little?

Let’s all wander together, shall we?

6 thoughts on “Wanderlusters Sign Up Here

  1. I so hear you! I have more ideas than time AND energy — the problem with that is that’s half of what keeps me up half the night. Which is not a good thing, because I have a very vanilla job during the day, which tends to put me to sleep half the time. Then I get home and my mind explodes in ten different directions. And don’t worry about the energy — it will come.


  2. Maybe Wanderlust should be my name. I thought for sure that when I learned so much more about the basics of knitting a few weeks ago that I would never stop. Now I am thinking what is going on with me? I have way too many hobbies. Or should I say piles of hobby materials in a very little house! And my favorites file on the computer is so large it’s just ridiculous! The next problem is more so energy than time. I have far too much time and no energy to create. If I had energy then I would have to get a job then I wouldn’t have time to create 🙂


  3. I hear you, David. I guess the best thing to do is go with the flow yet make yourself some limits, for the only thing worse than having so many ideas is doing too many and not doing them well because you’ve run out of time…


  4. Very timely. Most recently I find myself struck more often. Don’t know if it is because I’m more accepting and therefore seeing more choices or….

    great post.


  5. The one thing I worry I won’t be able to do is travel to far away lands, places like Japan, India, or Australia, or even more exotic places like the Far East. There are so many places to explore in this world, but I’m not sure I’d be comfortable traveling beyond North America or Europe. Maybe one day, I’ll find the resolve. 🙂


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