The Gazing Ball

gazing-globe-12When you look into the gazing ball, what do you see?

Do you make a wish?

Do you see infinity?

Is it a reflection? Or an inflection?

You are never too old to look into the gazing ball.

The reflection is only the beginning.

I feel a new project on the horizon.

A new chance to



Research and


What do YOU see when you look into the gazing ball?



5 thoughts on “The Gazing Ball

  1. Love this! Def want to get one of these balls for my garden so I can gaze in it and see what I see. Thanks for sharing


  2. Ahhh….but that’s the word…distorted….
    “Cold hearted orb that rules the night…Removes the colors from our sight…Red is Grey and Yellow, White…But We decide which is right..and which is an illusion”….
    The ball does that to me…


  3. Just a simple convex glass ball that reflects back a distorted image. Nothing too deep, and I really don’t spend too much time gazing at or into one! I would rather look at a very scenic view or the interior of a very old cathedral – both of those fascinate me….


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