Love of the Craft

                               Matt Stewart

I cannot tell you that I’m getting ready to go camping in Missouri in a short bit. I cannot tell you that I may or may not have access to the Internet, and if my individual connection works I’ll still be peeking in to read other blogs. I cannot tell you those things in case the bad guys are watching and planning on visiting my friend who is big and gorilla-like and staying here in my stead with his shepherd Turnkey.

But my first priority is to explore a cave or two along with kicking back in the shade sipping cranberry/blueberry wine and feeding strawberry tops to my dogs.

Why do some of us need to tell everyone when we’re going on an adventure? Isn’t LIFE an adventure? Every day?

Somehow I think there is a human need to have fun and adventure someplace other than your home base. After all, exploring places you’ve never been before is like traveling through outer space — you never know what’s around the next sun!

My husband is younger than me, so he will be retiring in September.  Hopefully the future will be filled with explorations we both can appreciate. But sometimes I wonder.

I’d love to spend a month in France or England. He wants to go to Europe for a couple of weeks, visiting 3-5 main cities in one trip.

I want to go to New Mexico and visit Canyon Road, a half mile strip of over 100 of the 250 galleries in the city that feature a diverse array of art. He’d be satisfied with a passthrough with lunch and a couple of galleries.

I dream big, he dreams practical. It’s a good match. It’s a good thing, too.

So I’ve left a few new blogs behind to show you I’m still so into sharing life, love, and Art with you. The love of the craft won’t let me wander far without you.

I’ll be sure to take a couple of pictures of the cave for you, too … I’m sure it looks like the one above  …




11 thoughts on “Love of the Craft

  1. I so agree. I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I enjoy on FB finding out about other friends’ adventures, family changes, new jobs and new hobbies. I don’t always need to see pics of someone’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner, nor hear their rants about politics, religion, or other sensitive topics. But that’s just me.


  2. I think, the social media platforms like FB, or LinkedIn, etc., etc., feeds to modern day people’s, sense of their own, self-importance, which is why, a lot of people are, posting the play-by-play moves they’re making in their, every day, lives, to make themselves feel important, and that’s, just, one of the, downsides to social media…


  3. Canyon Road is so worth it. There are some great restaurants tucked in between the galleries. I could spend a week there.


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