Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Jan Huling

Jan Huling is an incredible bead artist who pushes the boundaries of traditional beadwork by using seed beads to re-create the surface design of found objects and give them new context.

A self-proclaimed “beadist”, Huling coats the surfaces of found objects with brightly colored seed beads.

Through surface design and elaborate patterns, she recontextualizes familiar objects, masking original forms to add whimsy and transform the mundane into something special. Inspired by a fascination with indigenous cultures, mythologies, and pop culture.Her pieces often explore the themes of enduring childhood and nostalgia. The iconography and color of her pieces are frequently dictated by the form of the object itself.Huling’s patterns echo tessellating African textiles, Southeast Asian Buddhist architectural ornamentation, and Mexican embroidery..Working with an air pen to place beads, as well as buttons, coins, tokens, and similar found objects, Huling adorns any object that catches her eye, and creates approachable, evocative objects that elevate the everyday.

More of Jan Huling’s beautiful beadery can be found at





13 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Jan Huling

  1. These objects are exceptionally creative and colourful Claudia, and I love her intriguing bead artistry of the ‘Globe’ …


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