So Watcha Doin’ Tonight?

I was wide awake last night, all alone in my bedroom, snug under the covers (except for 2 dogs and a cat), listening to the rain thunder past at 8 o’clock in the evening, and I wondered …

How do you spend your evenings?

Everything I read says you shouldn’t go to bed and read your phone or iPad or computer. You’re supposed to go into your bed and SLEEP!

What’s up with that?

Climbing into bed early is a luxury most of us can’t afford. We work (or play) up to the very end and then flop in bed, exhausted, praying for sleep.

Not me.

I kinda enjoy climbing into the solitude of my bed, turning on some ambient  music (any flavor), and either reading or wandering through the Internet.

That’s when I get my best ideas. My most interesting explorations. Where I can find inspiration and strange experiences and weird tales and visit worlds I never will set foot in.

From the quiet confines of my room in the evening I can control my world. My wanderings. I can call the shots and cruise through the galaxy with my brave dogs and bossy cat without leaving the covers.

It’s no wonder I can’t fall asleep at night. I am the antithesis of everything that I’m supposed to do and be. I eat pizza for breakfast and look for dinosaurs in the woods when I walk with my grandson and make wishes on fairies blinking in the dark.

I kinda get tired of doing all the things I’m supposed to do. Tired of following the rules. Tired of being the good girl.

Of course, what better place to get fresh and sassy than under the safety of my covers wrapped in comforting music? Who am I going to threaten? Who am I going to boss around?

Since my husband’s been on the night shift, I have come to be a night person. Sort of. I love the dark blues of night, the sounds of frogs or crickets singing their songs or coyotes howling as they play in the distance. I love the mystery of the unknown which exists just outside my back deck. 

I doubt if I’ll ever explore all of that mystery outside my back yard — not at this age. But that doesn’t mean my mind can’t explore it. Besides. Thunderstorms provide such encouragement to exploration — coming and going!

So …

What’s your favorite way to spend an evening?





11 thoughts on “So Watcha Doin’ Tonight?

  1. Lovely, humorous, thoughtful… engaging writing, as you do. How I spend the evening varies, but I typically end the day between the covers, under the covers. 📖😊


  2. During the week I like to watch tv for an hour, play a game then read. Friday and Saturday I like to see a movie or theater or sporting event or go to dinner. My goal is always to be in bed by 1030 if possible.

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  3. I enjoy hearing about your nights. I’m with the group that is too tired at night to do anything that requires my brain. I just lay in bed and hope sleep arrives swiftly.


  4. I think reading in bed with some pets is heaven, especially during a thunderstorm. The cute picture of the doggie under the covers looks exactly like my sweet doggie, Dot!

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