Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Dain Yoon

Like many artists, artist Dain Yoon enjoys working with paint.But it’s not a canvas that she puts pigment to — it’s her own body.Using an extensive palette of paints and brushes, she applies the pigment to her skin and transforms herself into amazing optical illusions.And most impressively of all, she does this all without the use of Photoshop or other photo manipulation programs.Each piece is 100% authentic, painted by herself, in mirror image, on herself, which can take anywhere from three to twelve hours.Much of Yoon’s early work focused just on her face, but she has grown her portfolio to include complex illusions that incorporate her entire body.The “complexity of human beings” stands at the root of Yoon’s body art.“Anything, even in a very ordinary life, could be great inspirations with different perspectives, ” she shares.“We are complex beings, our multitude of emotions, personalities, traits, viewpoints, our complex face expressions are what fascinates me and influences my work.”More of Dain Yoon‘s extraordinary body art can be found at and



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