I Have No Idea What I’m Doing

The title of this blog is the story of my life.

Of course most of the time I know what I’m doing … or at least believe I know what I’m doing. Otherwise I wouldn’t have a great son who found a great girl who had great kids and now a great dog.

But other times …

Last night I filled out the March Madness Basketball Challenge. You know the one — 64 teams, 32 competitions between amazing college basketball teams. I’m in a pool with my family, and the winner gets bragging rights at the next family gathering.

Have you ever looked at the brackets?

Do you even know what you’re looking at?

I fill out these things mainly because I want to be one of the “guys.” One of the “family.” One of the “players.”

You might as well as me how to milk a cow. I know zip about that, too.

It’s important to me to be “one of the guys.” Women have a hard enough time breaking into men’s circles. We are of a different mind set. Different temperament, different planet. Although we share our lives with men, we don’t always walk down the same path.

Heck — our paths are often in separate woods!

But having fun with others is worth all the confusion surrounding your choice of competition.

Have fun with your friends and family. Find games, puzzles, and conversations that you can be goofy with.

Winning and losing isn’t as important as sharing.

I picked Arizona to win the Basketball Title. Like I even know where the campus is.

Somewhere in Arizona, I’m guessing …




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