Looking For Your Suggestions!

Summer, Giuseppe Arcimboldo

You all have been very generous with your comments through the years. I don’t get many responses, but the ones I do I love.

So now I’m going to ask for your opinions again.

I have a ton of unique artists and their artwork in the wings, just waiting for their chance to have a Gallery of their own. There is so much marvelous art out there that the sources are endless.

But I was wondering if you had any suggestions for the Gallery.

Unique art, unusual art, amazing art.

Art that lies hidden in small galleries or websites or museums. Art from any genre. I love them all.

jeffw5382, one of my followers, suggested the artist Guy Buffet. Following up on the suggestion, I find him creative and unique and so good at creating worlds for chefs and waiters and all in-between. So I hope to add him to a future Gallery.

I am always open to suggestions and ideas. Maybe there’s an artist you’ve always loved that crocheted or painted or made things out of unusual materials. Maybe it’s new twists on old ideas. Maybe it’s one of the masters from the past that have slipped through public attention. Let me know what you’ve found.

I love sharing with you all as much as you all enjoy the art.

Art is meant to be shared. Let’s share.


8 thoughts on “Looking For Your Suggestions!

  1. I found Rodney Ewing and you are right — what powerful black and whites. The link for logan is more an email address — is it Raymond Logan? I found him and he’s right up my unusual unique alley. I like Rodney and look forward to reading about him and putting him in my gallery. Thank you tons!


  2. Rodney Ewing is amazing. Saw his exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center. Also, logan@pewpewhq.com. Also at the Chicago Cultural Center. Ewing huge black and white water color…incredible. Logan is a potter who deals in anti-war politics. Both are outstanding.


  3. Arcimboldo mentioned in the film 24 Charing Cross Road. I have a couple of amazing artists, I just have to find them. I’ll try. I love both of them, so I have to find the information.


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