Oldies But Goodies

I am setting up a new Instagram account with pictures from all of my past Gallery Blogs, just in case someone is wandering through Instagram with no particular place to go. Ha.


But in going through those pictures, I realize how long I’ve been doing the Gallery. A long time. So since I don’t have a lot of opinions on the world at this time of the year, I think I will make next week 


Saturday Evening Art Gallery Week


I’ll post pictures and links to some of the best artists in my past — a link to my gallery, along to their personal webpage (if they have one) so you can explore their world on your own, should you desire.

I have such a blast sharing UNIQUE artists with all of you that I don’t mind tooting my horn for them now and again.

If you have any favorite artists I’ve posted, or any other artists you’d love me to show off, let me know, and I’ll dig them up!


Art Never Dies!


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