Is Creativity a Solitary Sport?

With the start of the “New Year” (you know how I think — that the New Year starts every day you wake up, but still ….) I started thinking about 2023 and the creativity it will bring. MUST bring. New ideas, new inspirations, new directions.
Today I met one of my besties for breakfast. I always love seeing her, being with her, sharing with her. She’s at the point in her life where kids and her job take up all her time, which is pretty normal for this point in life.
On the other hand, I found myself pouring out some of my new ideas for Angel Tears, my blogs, and other artsy things I may or may not do during 2023. She offered to help me take photographs of my crafts so I can move into the Millennium and onto Etsy.
And I wondered.
Is creativity a solo trip?
Yes, you have to do the work; you have to do the research and the buying of equipment and you have to find the time and you have to stick with it.
You you you.
But isn’t it much more fun when you can share your excitement with others?
I used to belong to a Wisconsin writer’s group. I loved the energy shared by all the writers when we got together for conferences. It was palpable. Encouraging. I met great people there, and have kept one of them for my writing buddy bestie.
Your solitary excitement is important. Vital. But it’s awfully nice to have someone else encourage you, too.
I have another bestie I’ve been encouraging to write a book about a personal story that would knock the socks off of most readers. Another young bestie of mine, a high school graduate this year, wants to start blogging, and I’m there with her, giving her ideas, pointers, and encouragement. Two of my besties have a room they want to turn into their Creativity Shed. She Shed. I’m right there talking colors and shelving and places to sell their wares should they want to.
I get so excited about everyone else’s artistic dreams. I can’t help it.
Which is why I’m always asking about yours. I love to watch how you put together collages and knit sweaters and draw characters with big wide eyes and haircuts that match your personal hair style.
Have a friend teetering on the edge of entering the Arts? Encourage them. Fuss over them. Don’t worry if they don’t reciprocate your enthusiasm.
Art in any form starts with you. Ends with you.
But all that creativity and good vibes in the middle is good for everyone!

16 thoughts on “Is Creativity a Solitary Sport?

  1. So true. If you think about it, making something original, (including a piece of art) is a sequence of solving problems. It’s well known that when it comes to solving problems, two heads are better than one. When I’m stumped, I will turn to other artists or crafters for advice.


  2. I love being alone and am very independent. However, I write better when I’m in a workshop or writers group. I don’t know why, but knowing there’s support is better for me


  3. I love that your daughter was able to glow with others with her pottery! No matter what anyone says, we DO need acknowledgement, we DO need like minds to join ours and share thoughts, love, and encouragement. I’d love to see some of her pieces!

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  4. We all need support and encouragement, and I attend both a writers’ group and a poetry group and I thoroughly enjoy the helpful interactions and reactions given and received during the meetings …

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  5. I so agree with this! Writing can be very solitary but meeting with my critique groups makes me so happy. My daughter is a potter and spends a lot of time alone, making pottery, which she loves. But she had an opening the other night for a display of some of her work. Many people came and she was radiant. We need people to share our work with and to validate that what we do is worthwhile. And helping others with their creative endeavours helps us as well.


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