Is New Years Really New?

Here it is — NEW YEAR’S EVE!!!

Getting ready to push 2022 out the door without even a see ya later consolation prize, keeping our fingers crossed that 2023 will be filled with

__________  (fill in the blank)



* more money*
*peace and quiet*
*children and grandchildren*
*the ability to sell my house/car/stock*
*peace in my soul*
*time to read more books*
*a new best friend*
*more exercise*
*fresh air and walks in the woods*
*less doctor appointments*
*a best-selling novel*
*the ability to travel*
*new gardening ideas*
*a new understanding between myself and my friend/brother/husband/mother*
*the ability to forgive and forget*
*more involvement in church or the community*
*the strength to quit smoking*
*less pain in my hands and legs*
*acceptance for who I am*
*the drive to start a new creative project*
*cooking lessons*
*chances to find a celestial power again*
*a fresh coat of paint in the Livingroom*

Don’t we all wish one of the above wishes every new year? 

I know I start every new year with a determination to be a new and improved person. This could be by taking a class to reading more to trying new recipes to walking two blocks instead of one. I strive for more self-acceptance, less self-doubt, time to work in my garden, meeting more friends for lunch, hitting more art fairs and outdoor concerts. 

But I know I already am a better person. A better person than last year.

Last year made me weak, and last year made me strong. Last year brought both pain and love in abundance, something the previous years didn’t.


As I wave goodbye to 2022 (it was the best of times and the worst of times), I leave the door wide open for 2023. No expectations. No resolutions. No repremands. Every day I’m going to try and grow in a positive direction. 

It’s just that I’m so tilty whirl and airy fairy and forgetful that I’ll likely forget what I pledged two weeks earlier. That’s okay — I’ll just make up some more things I can improve/change/get rid of. The list is endless.

Don’t waste your time with resolutions. You are already better than last year. Can you improve? Possibly. Should you try? Why not? Improvement is part of our evolution. Do. Or Do Not. There is no Try. Not really. Not in the end. 

What are you planning to do or not do in 2023?




20 thoughts on “Is New Years Really New?

  1. Happy New Year! Every day is a chance to start again. I haven’t made resolutions for years either. I plan on staying with my creative work, remaining open to new ideas and techniques; practicing kindness; exercising because it always makes me feel better; and not limiting the definition of who I am.


  2. Wow ! I can see you are a writer, you are so good with words, really ! I wish you a smashing 2023!! I made no resolutions for 2023, I’ll go with the flow and do my best.:D


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