Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Jungho Lee

Jungho Lee is a surrealistic illustrator and artist based in Seoul, Korea.Lee studied graphic design at Hongik University in Seoul.He has worked as an illustrator for various media since 2007.

The artist creates surreal illustrations incorporating books into our everyday surroundings.

Lee hand draws his images with charcoal and watercolors before scanning and digitally layering them to reach the desired illusory effect.These whimsical illustrations  incorporate the beauty of books into everyday environments, creating thoughtful, dream-like scenes.Lee’s books work as an open door, a star-filled lake, a morning slice of pie or an airplane’s wing.More of Jungho Lee‘s whimsical work can be found at and



7 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Jungho Lee

  1. You can see his is a graphic designer in his work. Love it. It is soothing and releaves stress unlike the paintings who has many small items on their canvas, it gives chaos in your mind as you don’t know where to look first.


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