Paternity Court S5 E109

Yesterday morning, in trying to keep our third dog from barking while my husband slept (he works the night shift and the dog is a butt), I thought I’d turn on the TV and flip through all the local (antenna) channels and really look at what was on each one. (I dunno … I get these weird ideas sometimes.)

At 10 a.m. there were four different “court” shows broadcasting. You know court shows — did he/she have sex with this or that person; he/she didn’t pay the last month’s rent because there was a rat in their toilet; he is my child’s baby daddy; she was supposed to be a wedding planner, not a wedding crasher… those kinds of things. And I wondered…

Who are these people?

What kind of people go on these kinds of shows?

Who airs their dirty laundry for the whole world to see?

And these weren’t even the big guns — Judge Judy, The People’s Court.

Okay. First to admit I’m the older generation everyone talks about. The Boomers who have ruined half the country with their ideas and stubbornness. Those who supposedly don’t understand racial inequality and climate change. 

Well, these high-glossed participants accusing partners of personal faux paxs is another thing a lot of us don’t get.

You know me. I’m not saying that all of the above doesn’t exist. Half the time the world and its participants suck. But what that ultimately means is that you have to take care of yourself and those you love. Fix it with the legal system or talk to the people involved or get out of the bad relationship. Get help. Self empowerment.

Not take it to a local TV show and overact and overemote about personal problems and ask thousands of viewers what you should do.

The people in these shows are a hoot. They are loud, sassy, opinionated, and in-your-face. I often wonder if they are encouraged to just “let it go and act it up” in front of the camera, because they do.

I wonder if the judges are real judges.

I wonder how many people really watch these shows. (I’m sure hundreds of thousands as these shows are on every day).

Sometimes I hate being old. Not fitting. Not understanding. Not going with the flow. I understand just enough, and make it a point to learn something new every day (which I do!). I try and help others who ask for my help, and have survived as many ups and downs as anyone else. But there are lots of things I don’t understand.

Court shows and their followers are one of them.

I don’t understand the metric system, either, and yet it exists and works all over the world (except in the U. S.). 

If I haven’t learned it by my age, it’s apparent I’m not going to understand it at all.



8 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Oh yes !! me too. If I tell my grandkids we didn’t have a cellphone or a computer, they look to me as if I am joking.


  2. The world is changing, my friend, and today’s audience is not really anything like when I was a kid. That’s an adult cop out, for sure, but it’s the truth. One day our kids will be wondering about what’s dancing across the TV, too. I’d love to be a fly on the wall then…


  3. I don’t know about that, we get updates about these people long after the show is over, when they get a baby or a divorce, some become really famous. But I do think they know they have to use people with different oppinions as viewers love it when they row. Besides the naked show is not fake, it is in England, imagine you undress in front of the whole nation !! Family, friends, neighbours….. My husband likes to look at the show whilst waiting for another programma, but I prefer other shows. Like the tiny house shows, love them !!


  4. I know its all for TV and ratings — I’m sure the rules states that this is some role playing game and once the show is over they can walk away and change their minds. I’m also sure most of these shows are scripted in one way or the other. Might as well call it a sit com and be done with it. Court TV included.


  5. We think exactly the same, what some people do and say on tv is beyond belief. There are a lot of stupid programmes, really stupid, like ; Married at first sight. The bachelor: 20 girls doing their very best to win the bachelor. Looking for a new partner on tv , the one looking for a partner has his/her clothes on, the 6 others are completely naked, when he/she made a choice the one with the clothes gets his clothes off. Another one with two guys, one very rich, the other one poor; 20 young women trying to get the rich guy ofcourse. These are just the tip of the iceberg !!!And these programs are popular, very popular !!! I don’t understand.


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