Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Edas Wong

Hong Kong-based street photographer Edas Wong takes photos that result in both optical illusions and funny moments.Wong chose street photography because it didn’t require for him to learn advanced techniques or buy expensive gear – the small camera he had was more than ideal for a beginner like him.
The artist started dabbling in street photography in 2012. Some call his work “accidental photography,” but it’s more that Wong manages to be in the right place at the right time.He accomplishes his distinct style by using layering, lighting, juxtaposition, and merging the foreground and background.He has developed a distinct eye for sensing when the ordinary is about to briefly turn miraculous, a split second of intuition and anticipation.“At any given moment, there exist fleeting instants of oneness where by some cosmic power, or perhaps plain luck, two things merge together,” Wong explains.Wong approaches the process of street photography as a somewhat meditative experience, always trying to clean his mind as much as possible and concentrating on whatever he’s capturing.
“Street photography actually saves me,” Wong cexplains.“I empty my mind, observe all connections between objects, and concentrate on everything around me on the street.”More of Edas Wong‘s exceptional photography can be found at and on Facebook.





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