Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Dean Dykema

Dean Dykema has been drawing and sketching his whole life, but years ago he started to expand his creativity.Now  Dykema specializes in original, one of a kind, acrylic paintings on one or more wild turkey feathers.

The artist has always dabbled in painting, but a few years ago he literally stumbled upon something new. During a walk with his dog, he picked up a feather.“I started running my fingers over it and I thought, I wonder if I could paint on this? Just to do something unusual,” Dykema said.People give him an idea or sketch of what they want and he takes it from there, using dabs instead of strokes.And when you’re working with plumage there’s little room for error.It’s meticulous and detail-driven, but the results are eye-opening.“My sketching is with the paintbrush on the feathers because I can’t just draw. The only way to draw it out is to paint it on the feather,” Dykema said.

“I love the fact that I can give them something that they truly enjoy that they’ve never seen before and it just makes me happy.”More of Dean Dykema‘s amazing art work can be found at his online studio Painted Feathers by Dean and


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