Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Jason Edmiston

A fine artist and commercial illustrator since 1996, Jason Edmiston has shown his paintings in galleries, as well as worked for advertising, editorial, packaging and book publishing clients internationally.Megatron

Edmiston is primarily a traditional artist, painting in acrylic on wood panel and watercolor paper, but also works digitally when the assignment calls for it.Billy

His style can be referred to as “ideal realism”, and usually emphasizes the figure with high contrast and saturated colors.Dracula

Edmiston is often inspired by the world of pop culture, adding his personal spin to characters and subjects from movies, comic books, toys and retro style advertising.Mars Attacks

Many of his portraits feature well-known entities, while others defy familiarity.Angus

His style is vibrant and high contrast, producing a dramatic lighting style that he favors. Monster Mash

But in Edmiston’s world — the monster, the creep, the villain — are front and center, heroes of their own story.Accessories

More of Jason Edmiston’s illustrations can be found at



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