Saturday Night — Tell Me A Story



Wandering as I usually do, I came across this photo, and I fell in love with it. 

Besides the obvious Poe reference, it calls for a story. 

What kind of story would YOU write?

I’ll go first:

It’s a story about a little girl with dark brown hair and green eyes hidden by wire rimmed glasses. She is only nine — feeling much older, of course, when she has to keep an eye on her little brother.

But that’s besides the point.

It’s once upon a midnight dreary because it’s Christmas Eve — heck, past Christmas Eve — and, sneaking downstairs sometime after midnight, the little girl discovered that Santa had not come yet! How dreary!




4 thoughts on “Saturday Night — Tell Me A Story

  1. Just then she heard footsteps. She hid behind the great gray sofa. Peeking out carefully so as not to be seen, she saw her daddy placing a big box beneath the tree …
    (Ok, who’s next?)


  2. Once upon a midnight
    After visiting Poe’s Raven site
    My dark dreary nightmare took flight
    And left me a glittering white sprite


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