Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Michal Trpák

Michal Trpák was born in 1982 in České Budějovice, Czech Republic.

He studied stone sculpture at the Secondary School of Applied Arts of St. Agnes in Český Krumlov.He then graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague in the Sculpture Studio, and completed a one-year internship at the Taideninstitut in Lahti, Finland.Trpák has created dozens of sculptures from various materials which often work with the themes of contemporary society and the specific space in which they are installed.Trpák believes that nowadays art is moving slowly back to organic architecture, and some architects are starting to understand that art and architecture belong together.“In my works I work with topics of our present society and with the actual space where I am installing my works,” Trpák explains.“In a gallery, it is possible to put almost anything in  a sort of impotent space.“But in real architecture and public spaces, artists have to think about the scale, idea, and way of installation, and that is what makes it more interesting.”“I believe that the artist’s language is his work, not his words.”More of Michal Trpák‘s impressive sculptures can be found at




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