Getting On Track Monday Morning

It’s Monday Morning and I already feel the creative juices flowing as I sip my morning coffee.

I am one of those fortunate creatures who are able to start creatin’ in the morning, as I am retired. I have a tendency to look forward with trepidation, as I DO have fewer years ahead of me than behind, but I make a point to not think about what I won’t be able to do and focus on what I can do.

I went to an Irish music festival over the weekend, and I can tell you, there’s nothing more motivating than watching music and creativity and talent all shining through individual and group entertainers. The excitement, the power of emotions, the precise notes matched and enhanced, the wonderful combination of traditional and modern, all swirled and melded into wonderful music and wonderful inspiration.

I am forever in awe of artists who can play a piano or a guitar or sing with grace and talent. It’s all hard work — to begin, to continue your craft. There are no shortcuts to fine tuning any skill.

Those of us who are not “born” with talent still have a chance to show off our skills. With practice, dedication, and love of our art, there is no reason why we can’t show off our worth, too.

We may not be an Ernest Hemingway or an Itzhak Perlman or a Georgia O’Keeffe.

But then again, we might be.

We never know until the very end. Even then we have no idea where our creativity will wind up.  So why not have fun with what we’ve got and where we’re going?

Don’t give up on your piano, your knitting, or your writing. Go abstract! Go traditional! Go wild!

Make your Monday Mornings count for something… even if you can’t get going ’till Monday Evening!






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