I Want to Go Somewhere!

I know — it’s usually in the depths of winter when the snow is blocking the doorway and cars are slipping into the ditch and the temperatures barely reach zero that people get cabin fever and want to get out and go somewhere.

Here it is, the beautiful full days of summer, green fields and golden corn and lazy fishing in the late morning and I want to go somewhere!


I don’t have much money, my husband doesn’t have any vacation time left (except for the scheduled fishing and hunting trips), I have a craft fair coming up in a few months that I need to make inventory for, grandkids to see and entertain, and yet…

I want to wander aimlessly down some artsy street and stop at some nameless café and watch the people wander by as I sip a glass of Moscato or lemonade.

I want to wear oversized flowy dresses and boho hats and lots of fun crafty jewelry and stop at art galleries and copy down names for my Gallery blog and find an off beat bar that plays jazz and swoon until I get sleepy, then wander to my hotel and fall heavily and blissfully asleep.

I want to try local cuisine and buy homemade crafts and try not to look too touristy while I try and pick up their local accent. I want to get confused with the time change and local customs and sit in the park and listen to their neighborhood orchestra do their best to play Moonlight Serenade.

I want to watch the crowds on the city streets ebb and flow with a natural rhythm that is special to that particular part of town, and enjoy the city’s night lights from a quiet bench not far from where I’m staying. I want to try a small town’s version of Chinese food and a big city’s attempt at a Chicago-style hot dog.

I want to sleep late and stay up late and sample the local news and weather reports and watch the crop reports when it’s raining out. Then I want to find the rain and dance like Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain.

I want to watch sunrise on the lake and sunset over the mountains. I want to feed popcorn to the birds and chocolate truffles to myself. I want to cry for those who couldn’t be there with me and text those who wish they were.

I have cabin fever right smack in the middle of summer.

Where should I go?





12 thoughts on “I Want to Go Somewhere!

  1. Oh darling, that sounds perfect! Its funny — last week I was looking for “music from Paris” to inspire my writing. I actually found a radio station in France who was playing a live classical concert, so I wrote to that! I love wanderlusting, but when I can’t get away, moments like the ones you suggested are more than perfect!

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  2. I lost myself in the scenes you created. I am not sure where this place is, but I do hope you find it, or something very close. Sounds wonderful!


  3. Sometimes, when I get wanderlust and restless feet but going somewhere is impossible, I pour a glass of my favorite wine, take it out into the garden, and let myself do nothing but sip and listen to the birds. If I really am in need of a fix, I run to the upscale grocery store for cheese, chocolate, good bread, and fruit to go with that wine. And a bouquet of flowers for the bedroom.


  4. I’ve been thinking about a long weekend away, actually! Maybe someplace I need to take an airplane to. (Except friends just came back from an Alaskan cruise and said the cruise was fun but the flights and airports were a nightmare!). Someone once said San Antonio Texas or Savannah Georgia. Food to munch upon!


  5. The first place that popped into my mind was “Artist Alley” in Quebec, Canada. Not even sure if it is still there, it’s been years since my last visit. But, it checked all of your boxes. A two day drive from where you are. However, when I tried to order a half grapefruit for breakfast in a tiny cafe on a small cobblestone street, I was served 4 glasses of water instead ,HA!


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