I Love When Creative People Get Excited

I want to talk about a friend’s blog this morning — a friend that I made through this blog. I’ve never met her in person, but from her creativity I can tell we’d be besties in no time flat. That’s because I find her constantly creating, constantly experimenting, constantly exploring.

Laura Kate over at Daily Fiber is always doing something. Quilting, knitting, collage. I’m already envious of her expanding boundaries. But Laura writes about everything — the beginnings, the ends, the frustrations, and the victories.

She is but one of the creative sprites I’ve met on this magical journey.

That’s what we should always strive for. Trying something new, loving it if we don’t succeed, loving it more if we do. Creativity is an open ended road. Curving, climbing, keeping straight for long stretches of time. But it’s always moving forward, always evolving. Always improving.

Let me know how YOU deal with that creative muse that’s always tickling your fancy. And click on the link below to see the beginning of her knitting project!


Cast-on Monday: Search and Swatch




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