Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Pablo Reinoso

Pablo Reinoso is a multidisciplinary artist known for his sculptures and public installations. Born in Buenos Aires and living in Paris since 1978,  Reinoso combines surrealistic concepts with furniture design to create immersive structures using wood, stone, and metal.His passion for the arts developed at a young age, and he studied architecture at the University of Buenos Aires before fleeing to Paris in 1978 to escape the political upheaval in Argentina.The artist creates his artwork through different series where he crosses, grinds up, rummages through, and explores different worlds and materials.Having studied architecture but being multifaceted, curious, and often self-taught, Reinoso has always straddled disciplines (sculpture, photography, architecture, design).A constant feature in his work is his penchant for endlessly questioning, subverting, using materials or objects against their grain, bringing opposites together, and playing with the limits of impossibility. “The extravagance of spirals and twists in my sculptures has led some critics to describe my art as “baroque,” but in truth, I always create my pieces with minimalism in mind.,” Reinoso says.“Though winding, the lines are always clean and distinct, and monochromatic tones have permeated my collections across the years.”More of Pablo Reinoso‘s wonderful designs can be found at









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