Is Creativity Considered an Art Thing?

Now that I’m done running around for a few weekends I am ready to stay home for a few weeks and CREATE a few things.

First off, of course, is to create a version of a clean house.

But I digress.

After all the “chores” that need to be caught up on, before I start the assembly line for new Angel Tears for my Fall show, there are things I want to do around here that are basically …. creative.

I wonder if I am being an artist while I rearrange the pots on the front deck to look like an outdoor room? If going through the stack of artwork we have collected in the last 30 years to find fresh pictures to hang on our bedroom walls is a form of Art Appreciation? Is moving a plant from the bathroom counter to the window sill testing the esthetics of the world of art? 

Repainting my bathroom and closet and bedroom was the biggest art project I’ve been involved with in years. Two tones of gray, painting the edges of the shelves a different color, new rugs, new shower stall, all were brought such a wonderful feeling of contentment when finished. I picked out the perfect water glass,  moved a wrought iron sun from a forgettable place in the basement to the top of the cabinet, and bought the cutest pots to repot plants we received at the memorial.

It was so much fun. It felt like I was creating Installation Art.

Is this what an artist feels before they paint their next picture? Before they carve their next statue? 

Dictionary.Com has a few descriptions of this very big three-letter word:

1.  the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance. 

2.  the class of objects subject to aesthetic criteria; works of art collectively, as paintings, sculptures, or drawings: a museum of art; an art collection. 

That covers a pretty wide territory. But does it cover making a dinosaur garden in the backyard with my grandson? Does it include taking the pile of “stuff” off the kitchen table and replacing it with a vase with pretty flowers in it? 
Art is many things.  You are an artist, whether you believe it or not. If it brings you pleasure, a feeling of success, if it is satisfying and organized or just plain pretty, you have created art.
I hope our Creative friendship lasts a long time. I love hearing what you do to make the world a more attractive — dare I say prettier — place.
Don’t be afraid to share your artsy ideas. We ALL would love it!

8 thoughts on “Is Creativity Considered an Art Thing?

  1. I am pondering as well! If someone says you are artistic, does that mean you understand the basics of writing or painting? Or just that you know how to arrange flowers or put together a garden? I’d like to think it’s ALL being an artist. That also might equalize the platform between Monet and my grandson. Ha! More pondering!

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  2. You’ve got me pondering now, what do I think it means to make art? In my mind, it has to go beyond decorating, (although moving objects around to create a pleasing arrangement could easily be defined as installation art.) I guess my take on art is that it must contain personal meaning for the maker and that it is intentional. Making art must also go beyond using art materials to make a copy of someone else’s artwork. Hm. I think I need to sleep on this question.


  3. So true. Sometimes I feel like an artist when I find the PERFECT earrings. BTW….. I’ve worn my new ones from Chico’s 3 days in a row!!


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