Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Painted Stairs

In tackling this Gallery, I decided to go through the front door and pick out art that has been hand painted on stairways. There are many other ways to decorate your stairs: peel off stickers, ceramic tiles, and wallpaper to name a few. I included stencils because even though you have a ready-made pattern you are still doing the painting.

I am trusting that these wonderfully unique painted staircases will be your “Stairway to the Stars.”














14 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Painted Stairs

  1. The treads worked really well, after about 6 months we turned them, to even out the wear. We will probably need to replace them at around a year.


  2. I painted our stairs last year, they have lasted well. I used a tile design & non stick treads. My main reason for trying this was because our stair treads are so skinny, & fitted carpet made them smaller. The non slip treads work well, even Luna managed the stairs.


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