I Am Still Running

My notifications told me today that I am on a 9-day streak on Humoring the Goddess.

I didn’t realized I yakked that much.

Maybe it was that I filled every other day with a ditty to be published so I wouldn’t have to worry about losing my readers. Maybe every other day turned into every day when I left my computer charging cord at home and began to panic. Maybe it was the frustration of typing on that old mini computer where the cursor flipped, skipped, and deleted at its own whim.

I came back from the boys’ fishing trip yesterday and saw that my calendar is stuffed beyond stuffed pepper mode for the rest of the month. Discovering a new way to type a story over the weekend squirreled away the last energy I might have saved up.

 I am already exhausted.

It’s not that I don’t want to see and do everything. I really really do. It’s just that I can’t seem to put a halt on the spinning part.

Seeing grandkids is always a priority. Seeing my friends who helped me through my recent hard times is a priority. Travelling to our cabin to get “away from it all” is also a priority. And now that I’m hot to trot on writing this new novel, THAT is a priority too. 

That’s just the top tiers.

I have too many priorities, I think. I’ve got to slow down.

How do you do it all?

I know I know — prioritize. Learn to say “no.” Limit your time on the get togethers that happen more often. Assign more “me” time.

I’m afraid none of those alternatives are going to happen.

I’m going to be 70 in six months. I hope I make it till then. I hope I make it another 20 years past that. I don’t want to visit people when I’m on the other side. I might scare them away with my angel wings. You know?

So I feel like I’m living in a whirlwind NOW NOW NOW state of body and mind. Like if I don’t do it all and think it all and feel it all and keep it going everything will stop, and so will I.

Let me know how you do everything you do.

Or what you tell yourself as you collapse on the bed every night……..



10 thoughts on “I Am Still Running

  1. You know — I have started doing that. Going to be between 9:30/10. I listen to music and read to chill before sleep, too. It’s always tempting to go onto my iPad and read FB or Reddit, but I’ve stopped doing that and either read or color my mandalas. It IS working…I think

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  2. 27 years older than you, an interesting life. You can check my website: :kasselmain.com
    Restless nights, supported by The Twelve Blessings and personal devas.


  3. At 82, close to 83 (catching up with my hubby of 60+ years), I get everything done one task at a time … with lots of help from my friends. NOW is all we have, so let go the whirlwind. Stand in the moment… and love it! And as I collapse in bed each night, I tell myself, “It’s been a good day. Thank You, Lord. Help me rest peacefully. Amen!”


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