Will I Getter Done This Time?


This is the way our personal growth should go.

*Get inspired to do something.
*Set out a plan to get it done.
*Find the opportunity to work on this something.
*Finish project — getter done.

This is the way I hope to get things done through the end of the week.

But I know me.

Get inspired to do something. All the time. Over inspired and over excited. Set out a plan to get it done. I outline, research, strategize. Got it figured out. Find the opportunity. Five days at a cabin, being by myself all five days as the men go fishing every day. Finish project. After I go for a walk, read a few chapters of a book, reread the plan, reread the previous written books (if necessary), take a nap, read my Facebook, text a few friends, flip through a magazine, make a sandwich, color a mandala, and check my email.

Is this ever you?

A perfectly planned day/few days/week of finally getting your artistic inspiration off the ground and up into the stratosphere. You’ve got your material, your paints, your sketches. Your storyline. Your collage materials. Your wood.

And now the time has come.

You get distracted. And keep getting distracted. And before you know it you’ve wasted a half day or more doing everything but your heart’s desire.

What’s the matter with us?

Or is it only me?

I’m going away for a few days with “the boys.” The boys plan on fishing all day and watching stupid movies all night. The perfect atmosphere for me to take advantage of. I don’t want to stay home by myself — I don’t want to hang around someplace where there are a dozen housekeeping tasks waiting just for me.

We don’t have TV or Internet at the cabin. I have a hard drive full of great music, a computer full of research, a kitchen full of healthy snacks, and two dogs to keep me company.

The perfect atmosphere to write.

But I’m weak when it comes to distraction.

Not every moment is filled with distraction — there are many times I’m lost in the creative moment. I love it. But there are always bread crumbs — or maybe cookie crumbs — that beckon me to follow. To waste time. To lead me astray.

Let’s hope that I get some real writing time in this week. My fortitude is not what it used to be. Words are just a little harder to come by these days; I know that not too long in the distant future the words might even fail me. There’s a few more stories I’d like to tell before the words fade away.

I’d hate to waste that precious time surfing the Net for kitty pictures….



4 thoughts on “Will I Getter Done This Time?

  1. Perhaps our brains have learned to retain more information than in the past. And there probably wasn’t a whole lot to absorb in Jesus’s time. My thought is that he was way more intelligent than he could show or explain. But he probably got sidetracked, too. ❤️


  2. Thanks for this post. I thought it was just me. I don’t believe it has anything to do with age, rather living in a world with far more distractions and too much information. I read a recent study that suggested the average 12 year old today takes in more information in a day than Jesus did in 30 years. Have no idea if this is true, but it kind of illustrates the point. I often wonder if we are happier for it?


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