Just Some Fun

After all the heavy metal of the past few posts, it’s time to smile again. Here are some of my past blogs that may tickle your funny bone. Follow the links for more.

Always make room for a smile.




Bruno Pontiroli


Ray Villafane


Stairways to Nowhere




Dean Russo


Chemistry Cat


Alain Delorme




Food Art


Chris Campbell





17 thoughts on “Just Some Fun

  1. Oh now this is not classy for me !! They may cost an arm and a leg but that doesn’t mean they are classy.


  2. Oh no, not the dentures, maybe some day when I live in a care home :D:D:D


  3. Glad to have made you chuckle. The world doesn’t have to be serious all the time! Be sure to follow the links some time and see what other wild things fall out!


  4. Love the dog…the staircase is insane, the fork chair was questionable, until you said it was a chair. No sense of scale, I thought it was small. The cat is really funny, they’re so smart 2NA…love it. The hair cut was incredible. All in all a great and fun filled post. Thank you.


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