I Wrote a Poem

I wrote a poem the other night.

A painful one.

I wrote it in here, in my blog space. Out of the blue. Out of the black.

I didn’t know if I was going to post it — I still don’t. It’s not the kind of melody most followers and friends want to hear.

According to verywellmind, “People who have experienced emotional trauma, physical violence, domestic abuse, anxiety, depression, and other psychological issues can benefit from expressing themselves creatively.

“People do not need to have artistic ability or special talent to participate in art therapy, and people of all ages including children, teens, and adults can benefit from it. Some research suggests that just the presence of art can play a part in boosting mental health.”

I do believe in the Arts as therapy. Therapy for loss, for pain, for confusion. In more severe cases, Art Therapy should be under the care of a trained professional, for there may be deeper issues than just sadness or loss.

But for me — for most of you — an endless doodle or coloring in an adult coloring book (gel pens and books or some great ones online) is just the therapy we need.

We all need to vent. To unfocus. To focus. To let go. To hold on.

Oh, it’s all so confusing.

I don’t know if I’ll post my poem in the future, but I know it’s here. Waiting. Thinking. Debating whether or not it should be shared with people I hardly know.

Tomorrow is another day. Another chance.

Another poem.



16 thoughts on “I Wrote a Poem

  1. I sooo feel the same way! I think poetry is a looser reading form and therefore easy to write. So wrong! Lately I’ve been reading poems that are so tight with just the right words…they arexa jou to read!


  2. I have a couple of  poems I’ve written about my rheumatoid arthritis that I keep to myself and just the other day I decided to post one and to my surprise it went over quite well. You see the thing I didn’t want was sympathy and I didn’t get that, all comments were positive.


  3. I think we have no choice, we have others to think about, like the grandkids….


  4. Sometimes, we all, need an, outlet, for our painful, experiences in our lives, and, we work hard, to find the way, that, fit us the most, the hits, the, misses, they all, lead to, the, inner discoveries of, who we are.


  5. I so agree with everything you’ve said. I have used social media, including blogging, to help set my mind straight. I am not immune to that affect. By my misstatements I mean that.. for ME .. I’d rather keep my pain to myself. I have a wonderful support group around me, friends and family I wouldn’t trade for the world. Online I choose to show a different, yet still vital, side of me. The one who believes, the one that encourages, and the one who tries to bring a smile to those reading. I too believe in the right of self expression. It’s what makes us human.


  6. A wonderful connection we have. I completely understand. I too did not always see or understand that common thread of self-expression throughout my life. It is a human gift, but the extent to how much people feel and express is individual. Yin/Yang – absolutely! Art can be inspired from every emotion. A beautiful gift! ✨ Thank you!


  7. Hmm. I will have to agree to disagree with the demand that everything must be rainbows and unicorns all the time. It’s not realistic or reasonable. I don’t blush when i read someone’s pain- I want to hug them. People feel liberated by the anonymity that the internet provides, and a lot of people do not have anyone else to turn to, so I will always choose empathy, respect, and compassion rather than judgement. You’re right: everybody has their problems. But I prefer to use this fact to remind me to use my own pain to pave the road to empathy rather than a disrespectful dismissal on account of it perhaps making me uncomfortable or confronted for a few minutes. It’s nobody’s duty to be a certain way for the world. Nobody is forcing anyone to read a “sad” or ” negative” or ( insert label of choice) post.

    It sounds to me that you attach a lot of guilt and shame to certain emotions. But that’s your path and your freedom, I suppose. Everybody has their reasons for feeling the way they do.

    I must also disagree that writing about sadness and pain is not healing. It can be very healing and cathartic, and personally, when I read about a painful experience that I relate to, it actually helps my healing process, because the relatability makes me ( and others) feel less alone in their struggles. Of course if people are writing about it they have not completed that process, but that’s hardly a crime. Let them do what they need to do. Live and let live. Everybody’s situation and personality is different; healing does not have a deadline.

    But we are all different. Different people are comfortable with different things. I won’t say any more, as I don’t want to upset you, but I had to write what I did, because I don’t think it’s kind or fair to invalidate someone else’s pain – or their chosen coping mechanisms on account of you not being able to understand them. Probably never visit my blog, as I am not- and NEVER will be- ashamed of my authenticity, and I reveal both dark AND light there, because this is life; this is reality. Avoidance is not transcendence.

    Anyway, goodbye now. I don’t believe you tried to be offensive. I hope you also understand that I am not trying to be either, but I will always defend the right to free expression.


  8. I LOVE that you wrote a lot! It really helps, seeing someone else understand where you are coming from. Some public blogs are nothing but sadness and madness. Others are so personal you want to blush while reading. I myself don’t believe online is the place you want to bare your soul. And if you write nothing but sadness and pain and disillusion you are not healing…you are just writing. Until this past incident I was pretty middle-of-the-road — upbeat, flighty, fun, cosmic. I still am all those things — but also I have this pain in the middle of my heart. To be honest it ~is~ healing, step by step, inch by inch. But I personally feel a blog should be positive and helpful and entertaining for all who decide to read it. People have their own problems. They shouldn’t have to deal with more. With someone else’s. Keep sharing your thoughts. Im sure more than just me benefit from them!

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  9. I am so happy to see that you agree with me. I have always enjoyed “art”, having painted when I was college age; I journaled through my midlife crisis ages of 40+; wrote books from my mid 40s to mid 60s; started a blog in my late 50s. Now that I reflect, there has always been some sort of self expression in my life — I just always didn’t see it as such. And maybe my pain didn’t transfer onto my work, but the relief the artwork brought helped me through dark times. I don’t want to infer that art is always an outlet for darkness — I’ve written some pretty good stuff feeling and living great! It’s that yin/yang thing, I imagine!


  10. Art therapy is a great thing. Maybe just see your poem as that, a healing exercise/ part of the healing process, without pressuring yourself either way to have to display it anywhere. If it makes you feel better though, every blogger everywhere is sharing their thoughts and feelings to strangers every time they post.

    Of course, everybody has comfort zones and their own boundaries, so if you don’t feel comfortable breaching a particular one, don’t. Everybody is different, and I realise that not everybody is comfortable being raw and emotional in a somewhat public space. I am an open book both on and offline, so I blurt out all ( sometimes a good thing, sometimes a bad thing, but it is what it is). But even I have some secrets. So express or withhold as you see fit.

    My personal thought is that a teensy part of you does want to share your poem…otherwise you wouldn’t have mentioned it. Or maybe not even the poem itself, but some feeling in you wants to be expressed; heard; acknowledged. ( And I’m not saying that with any criticism- it’s a human need to have our experience acknowledged. From my own observations, people are generally respectful and supportive here on WordPress, so I would say “Go for it”…but it’s not my decision. Maybe you could do some kind of filtered/ password protected post for those bloggers that you know best and are most comfortable sharing with?)

    Just my thoughts, anyway. Sorry, I wrote a lot there!


  11. Your post is deeply moving and honest. I believe your readers will honor your poem and support you through it, but more importantly, do what feels right for you. Like you, I believe art can be incredibly healing. Personally, I have benefited and received healing through dance and writing. Being able to express allows us to free emotional burdens we carry. Trauma is stored in the body, so it makes sense that certain activities can move that energy out of our being or help us to manage it, so that it does not overwhelm. The writing workshops I co-facilitate are based on narrative therapy, attracting many people with health and other personally challenging issues (past or present). The process of writing in a safe and supportive community can offer tremendous benefit.


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